I turned 26!

Hey friends! Earlier this month I turned 26 years old, and I may have just realized I forgot to blog about it. Since we moved at the end of February we’ve been super busy all month trying to get into a new routine with work and getting the new apartment all set up the way we want it, so I wasn’t even sure we were going to have time to really do anything for my birthday. But we ended up getting lucky and having a day off, so of course we had to do something.


I got some birthday money from my parents, so I started the day by buying the new face lotion from Pacifica Beauty, and I’m more than a little obsessed with it. It’s smells sooo good. It has watermelon, rose quartz, and turmeric in it and my skin has never been happier.

After our shopping trip, Joseph and I went to Z Pizza. Not a fully vegan restaurant, but they can make nearly every pizza vegan because they have vegan cheese and even vegan sausage. They have one pizza that is actually 100% vegan called the Berkeley Vegan. It’s almost perfect. I’m super allergic to mushrooms so I always have to request them to take them off, and usually I’ll just replace them with artichoke hearts (gotta have that iron). We also ordered a hummus plate from them because hummus just makes the world a happier place, don’t you think?!

After that we just went home and chilled out until we had to work next. A birthday well spent 🙂


My Top 3 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands

Fashion has always been a huge passion of mine and as I’ve gotten older I have become more aware of the impact the fashion industry has on the environment. For example: it takes 2,700 liters of water to grow the crop to make just one cotton shirt. That’s enough water to keep a person hydrated for 2 1/2 years. This fact is just one of many that has made me want to switch my shopping habits. Luckily, I don’t have to completely give up my love of fashion and shopping in order to live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Buying used from local thrift stores is a great way to stay sustainably fashionable, but there are also great eco-friendly designers to look out for. I’ve compiled a list of my favorites for you to check out.



My friends! This website has it all, I’m not kidding. You can sort the products by wellness (vegan, eco-friendly, made in USA, etc). They have stuff for women and men, so it all feels rather inclusive. Their products are all super cute too! I personally have my eyes on a pair of their leggings.

Soko Jewelry


This brand brings us super stylish and sleek looking jewelry using upcycled materials and handcrafted by artisans in Kenya, increasing their average incomes by about 5x! Not only that, but the pieces tend to run less than $100.

Amour Vert


If you look up “elegance” in the dictionary, it will say “see: Amour Vert.” Never sacrificing style for sustainability (or sustainability for style), the clothes in their collections are impossibly chic and good for the environment. But it gets better, because they even have sustainable fashion for your tiny fashionista.

Go ahead and check these brands out! And if you have any suggestions for me, I’d love to hear them. I know it can be a little daunting to dress sustainably with high price tags on some items, so I’ll be working on a low-budget version of this post in the future! ❤

Green With Envy…is actually positive?

“Negative emotions like loneliness, envy, and guilt have an important role to play in a happy life; they’re big, flashing signs that something needs to change.” – Gretchen Rubin


It’s the third month of 2018 and I think I realized that this is the year of realizations for me (heh, proof!). I’m super into bettering myself so I like to read self-help books, but I think the majority of my big self-improvement moments just come from having a lot of free time to reflect.

Recently Joseph and I went on a little coffee date and I kept catching myself looking up from my coffee at one of the baristas. I’m fairly certain this girl was an angel, seriously! I actually started to feel a little jealous of how gorgeous she was. Jealousy is typically a negative thing for most people, but thankfully I was able to turn it around into something very positive.



You see, here’s what I realized: negative emotions are there for a reason. If we feel negatively about something, it usually means something important is missing. So sitting in the coffee shop I had to ask myself what is it about this girl that was making me feel this way.

When we’re jealous of someone, it’s usually because they have something that we want. It could be anything from an item to a talent or lifestyle. So instead of getting jealous and staying jealous, ask yourself what is it this person has that you don’t. The angel-barista had amazing makeup skills and wore really stylish clothes that she pulled off perfectly. When I connected the dots, I was able to start feeling better. I knew what I had to do.

Since then I’ve been practicing makeup nearly every day (progress is being made, friends) and actually dressing in clothes that make me feel awesome. The clothes that make me feel confident are completely different than what that barista wore, but they are 100% me. I was able to turn my jealousy into inspiration for my own style.

I mean, just LOOK at how awesome this yellow eyeshadow is.

When you think about it, we need moments of unhappiness in order to be really happy. Being jealous or unhappy in any area of our lives gives us a reason and motive to do what we can to improve those areas and start to live the fulfilling and happy lives we deserve. ❤

2018 Green Living Goals

I am always trying to find more ways to live a more green and sustainable lifestyle. I mean, this planet gives us so much and we are kind of terrible to it in return. So I want to try much harder this year to return the favor. Below are some of my Green Living Goals.

  • Be sustainably fashionable. I want to start shopping for clothes in a more sustainable, less-waste way. So that means buying clothes from thrift stores, local designers (supporting local economy), or buying from fair trade retailers. I also think it’d be really fun to blog about this sort of thing! Like a “Sustainable Outfit of the Day” or something! What do you think?
  • Switch to reusable period products. Did you know the average woman creates about 300 pounds of waste over their lifetime just from pads and tampons alone?! That makes up about 0.5% of their landfill load. That is insane! When I learned this I was completely in shock that I was harming the earth so much, just to protect my clothes for that one week of every month. If you’re right there with me, an awesome alternative for you would to be to switch to reusable period products! It’s not gross, I promise. You could go for washable period underwear, or something like a Diva Cup. Use, wash, repeat. Easy peasy and the earth thanks you.
  • Grow more plants. Honestly, we could all use more plants in our life. They literally bring life to the place! Humans also have a beautiful relationship with plants that we should definitely support more often. I mean, we exhale carbon dioxide and the plants consume and convert it into oxygen for us (and sugar for them). Talk about productively coexisting!
  • Recycle more. This one is pretty straight forward. Less waste makes a happier planet.
  • Use biodegradable packaging. Joseph and I were recently going on a walk near our apartment and we happened upon an area completely littered with plastic waste. I got insanely sad! The problem isn’t just the litter though. This is the problem: the packaging of our products is not biodegradable! So using more biodegradable packaging is a definite goal of mine.

Is there something you want to try doing, or something you’re already doing, that promotes a healthy and happy Earth? I’d love to hear your ideas!

5 Simple Ways to Show Love Every Day

I have always been a firm believer that it’s the little things that make the biggest difference, and love is no exception. It doesn’t always take big, extravagant gestures to show someone you care about them. You don’t have to spend tons of money or make big declarations of love. In fact, most people I know do little things every day that spread love (even if they don’t always realize that’s what they’re doing). There are so many easy ways we can show love and caring that we often overlook. Today I’m sharing my favorite ways each of us can spread love every day of our lives.

  1. Hold the door open for strangers. By holding the door open for strangers, you acknowledge that you’re considerate of their needs, even if they’re fully able to open the door for themselves.
  2. Support your friends’ dreams. Not only will you be showing you care, but you’ll also leave them feeling encouraged to make their dreams a reality.
  3. Say “thank you.” Whether it’s at a coffee shop, restaurant, or literally anywhere someone is doing something to help you, saying these two small words can make a world of difference. A lot of these people might be having a stressful day at work and knowing they’re appreciated could make them feel so much better.
  4. Tell them you appreciate them. Similar to #3, just letting people know you appreciate them is one of the easiest ways to spread love and let people know how important they are. Let them know you appreciate them for everything they do for you (and for others).
  5. Send them a text telling them you’re thinking about them. I don’t know about you, but whenever someone has texted me saying something like “thinking of you :)” I have just felt so loved. Just knowing you’re on someone’s mind is such a powerful feeling.

These are my top 5 easy ways to show love every single day! What’s your favorite way to show you care?

Loving Your Style (and Yourself)

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about who I used to be versus who I am now. There have been a butt ton of positive changes in my life, and then some slightly less positive. One of the changes I’ve made has been in the way I dress.

I used to dress more “fun” with a lot more color (still mostly black, but with colorful accents) and fun shoes like Converse or some other sneaker that made me feel rad. I always matched my makeup with the colorful, upbeat theme of my clothes. And of course you can’t forget the choker necklaces. This was my day-to-day look. I was confident in these clothes and I had a lot of fun getting dressed every day.

As I got deeper into my 20s it became apparent to me that people just didn’t take me seriously. Partly because of my living situation (having a job being the thing that society measures worth on, and me being a jobless adult due to mental illness), and partly because of how I dressed. It didn’t matter that I loved my clothes and my makeup. I just wanted people to take me seriously. So one day I suddenly changed my entire wardrobe from “fun” to “sophisticated.”

Don’t get me wrong, I think sophisticated style is beautiful and very fashion-forward. In fact, there are some days when I get dressed in something nice and throw on my heels and I feel incredible. And it’s true, more people take me seriously when I dress like that. That’s what I was going for. But part of me still regrets getting rid of my old clothes.

I think it was some time last spring when I decided to go against what I had gotten used to wearing and bought a light blue denim jacket and pinned some ADORABLE dinosaur pins to it. That one small, fun detail made the biggest difference in my self-confidence. As long as I had my Dino Denim (which is what I decided I would name that jacket) I felt unstoppable. I would often pair it with a black dress and black flats, so it was kind of a mix of the sophisticated and fun vibes. Earlier this month, I packed that jacket in a box to get ready to move. As I set it in the box, I got reaaaal emotional. This may be a bit much, but I felt like I was packing away a part of myself that I had forgotten about (I don’t think I’ve worn or thought about that jacket once since moving here 9 months ago).

So this has all been on my mind a lot lately, and I think I finally came to a conclusion. Well, maybe a few different conclusions.

  • There is such thing as wearing different styles on different days of the week. I can dress for my mood, as long as I’m dressing for myself and not the rest of the world.
  • Confidence is the most powerful tool a person can use so we should do and wear what makes us confident.
  • This one is a cliché. Life is way too short to be taken so seriously. So we should have fun while we can!
  • And to sum all this up into one simple (but powerful) sentence: Love yourself for who you are. ❤

Valentines Day 2018: How We Celebrate

You guys. Let me just start by saying I am so sorry for the lack of activity this month! I had so many fun ideas planned for the blog for this month of love and I just did not deliver. My partner and I found ourselves in a position where we had to find a new place to stay, and fast. So the stress has been real, my friends. That being said, we are both excited for this new step in our journey as we inch closer to being a married couple. Our new apartment is our very first place that will be just ours together (no family and no roommates). I also can’t wait to show you guys how we decorate our space!

But that’s something for another day! Today I want to share with you what we did for Valentines Day. I would have been happy with anything, even if we just stayed home all day watching Netflix. I don’t think Valentines Day should be all about spending tons of money on each other. Instead, it should be about just enjoying and celebrating each other. So what did we do? I’m so glad you asked!


We didn’t have a lot of celebrating time because Joseph had work later that day. But we started off by just laying in bed and watching Casablanca. Have you ever seen this movie? If not, I need to know why not and I also need you to go rent it on YouTube right this second! It’s seriously such a good movie and there’s definitely some love in there even though the film isn’t strictly romance. I would venture to say it is one of the greatest films ever made (there’s a reason it’s a classic).

Since we were on a tight schedule, we had to pause the movie halfway through and go get food (don’t worry, we had enough time to finish the movie after lunch). I haven’t found any strictly vegan restaurants in Kennewick, but there are definitely some vegan options out there (be on the lookout in the near future for a vegan pizza recommendation). For our Valentines lunch, we went to a small family-owned restaurant called Thai Gardens. They seriously have the best curry ever. I could eat that curry every day of my life and probably never get sick of it. I always order the Jungle Curry and omit mushrooms (curse you, food allergies!) and add tofu.


We also got an appetizer of golden tofu because we are obviously tofu-obsessed.

I also tried this yummy drink, fresh coconut juice:


All in all it was a pretty fantastic way to spend the day, even though we had limited time. What’s your favorite thing about Valentines Day?